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How To Reduce Your Electricity - Step 1

It is a well known fact that your geyser is the biggest user of electricity in your home. It makes sense that replacing your geyser element with an alternative water heating source such as an Air Source Heat Pump or Solar Water Heater, will save you a fair amount of money. Get a quote from one of the leading Energy companies in South Africa by going to the Contact Us page.


How To Reduce Your Electricity - Step 2

We will suggest that you install a water saving shower head to cut your water usage by up to 66%. The less water you use, the less water needs to be reheated.


Sizes and Rebates

.: Sizes

A 4.7 kw ITS heat pump by 4 Seasons Solar can easily cope with 500 liters of water at a quarter of the price

4.7kw (COP = 4)

A 4.7kw heat pump can heat up to 500 litres of water. A normal electrical element will have used around 20kw to accomplish this feat, but the heat pump, depending on the ambient temperature, will only have used around 5kw. Saving you around 75% of your water heating cost !

A cheaper option heat pump water heater, the 3kw ITS heat pump by 4 Seasons Solar is an excellent replacement of your electrical element

3.0kw (COP = 4)

A 3.0kw heat pump is capabale of heating up to 300 litres of water using only around 3.0kw versus the 12kw a normal electrical element would have used !


When you install an Accredited Eskom Heat Pump they will refund you between R 4181.52 and R 4924.80, depending on the size of the system.

Bare in mind that the rebate won't be here forever and everytime the Eskom Electricity tarriffs increase, the rebate amount will decrease and eventually dissapear.

You can read more about the Eskom Rebate Programme by clicking here